Joint value of implemented projects 122,841.30 EUR (VAT included), planned LEADER funds 69,750.01 EUR, other planned funds 53,091.29 EUR.


  • Centre for Arts and Crafts

Project applicant: Institute for Culture, Tourism and Development Rogatec

Description: In the project we will develop educational and tourist centre for arts and crafts the purpose of which will be to evaluate the cultural heritage of crafts and transfer this knowledge to younger generations. The aim of the project is to preserve cultural heritage, stimulate development of arts and crafts and develop forms of education with the purpose of including arts and crafts in integral tourist offer of the area.


  • Equestrian Routes of Obsotelje and Kozjansko

Project applicant: Equestrian Club Strmol

Description: The aim of the project is to broaden the tourist offer of the area. A study of possibilities for development of equestrian routes in the area will be a basis for further activities: setting up the equestrian routes, which will be intended also for hikers and bikers. Marked equestrian routes will take the rider through picturesque countryside full of natural and cultural sights and friendly people. With equestrian routes we intend to guide horse lovers and those who enjoy unspoiled nature through the area and make them a part of the magic of this area, to feel the coexistence between the nature and heritage of our ancestors.


  • Development of Tourism in Vineyard Cottages in the Obsotelje and Kozjansko Area

Project applicant: Municipality Šmarje pri Jelšah

Description: Tourism in vineyard cottages is a product which offers cultural diversity and variety of winegrowing on a small space. A great number of vineyard cottages is a particularity of Obsotelje and Kozjansko and a key opportunity for tourism development. There are many vineyard cottages that are frequently used only in autumn during the vintage time, otherwise they are empty. Many are completely equipped small houses, in the lower floor there are tools for winemaking, grapes processing and storing of wine while in the upper floor there are rooms for sleeping, kitchen and bathroom. These vineyard cottages can be rented out to guests along with selling the vine, cured food products, herbs, craft products and other things that can be found in or around the vineyard cottages. Many customers are looking just for these types of products. There are also some well-preserved wooden cottages that need to be preserved and upgraded with expert approach. Some have to be protected, others need some added content to make them alive again and ready for visitors. Vineyard cottages are a guarantee for sustainable development of many forms of tourism, balanced regional development, rural development, preservation of cultural heritage, a basis for creation of other tourism products and stimulation of healthy competitiveness with emphasis on raising the quality of stationary tourism.

With this project we will inform potential providers about the new product, animate them to take part and offer them expert support with paperwork, business registration and education for this activity.


  • Youth for Tourism and Entrepreneurship

Project applicant: Development Agency Sotla

Description: We want to inform the youth in the area of Obsotelje and Kozjansko about the tourism and entrepreneurship. This area is strong in the field of tourism (Rogaška Slatina Spa and Podčetrtek Spa) but the number of young people who decide to study or work in tourism is declining. And the number of young people who upgrade work in tourism with entrepreneurship is even smaller. Therefore we want to present them jobs in tourism where they would learn about the advantages and disadvantages of them from people who are already working in tourism.

Tourism is increasingly becoming a profit activity but young people seldom find their interest in it. Tourism needs quality people, the jobs related to tourism are interested and at the same time the know-how of local people would stay in the area. We believe this should be presented to the young people and stimulate them to think about the future.


  • Presentation of the Activities of the Ajda Women Farmers Society

Project applicant: Ajda Women Farmers Society

Description: The main mission of the Ajda Women Farmers Society is preservation of traditional cooking skills and handiwork along with socializing with other farm women. Members of the society train themselves and others in knitting, sowing, crochet, embroidery, making bouquets from paper, painting Easter eggs etc. These activities are in decline nowadays. However, members are actively trying to keep old traditional skills alive. Every year we organize presentations of our work, workshops of handiwork (embroidery, knitting, making bouquets from paper etc.) in three municipalities in the Obsotelje and Kozjansko area (Šmarje pri Jelšah, Podčetrtek, Kozje). These events help raise the quality of life in the countryside and help raise the awareness of the local population about preservation of this cultural heritage.

We are aware that presentations at the events are not enough, we have to publish a brochure which will present the work of our society and where will be written about the farm customs and traditional work that women at farms were doing. Visitors of events will have an opportunity to take a piece of Slovene rural cultural heritage along and pass it on to the next generations, while the brochure will become a part of our local libraries.


  • Tourist Guide of Rogaška Slatina and Surrounding Area

Project applicant: Rogaška Slatina Municipality

Description: In Rogaška Slatina there is a great need for a tourist guide of the municipality and surrounding area, which would unite the tourist offer in the area and set a foundation for joint promotion of the area. Rogaška Slatina Municipality is a main funder of the project, while Public Institute Turizem Rogaška Slatina is responsible for making a tourist guide and it will provide a lesser part of co-financing. The tourist guide will be published in 15.000 copies all together, 5.000 copies of each language pair: Slovene and Croatian, Italian and German, English and Russian.


  • V. Painting Colony Zibika-Tinsko

Project applicant: Šmarje pri Jelšah Library

Description: Professionally organized painting colony with quality accompanying program and good promotion attracts new visitors to the area and (in the long run) impacts the development of the area and improves the life in the countryside (preservation of population in the rural areas, stimulation of tourism development as a subsidiary occupation and new jobs etc.). Painting colony contributes to the identity of the area because of its theme – images of the countryside – and can be included in the tourist offer of the LAG area together with the cultural and natural heritage. Accompanying events, presentations and a catalogue can be used for creation of integral tourist products.


  • 110 Years of Beekeepers Society

Project applicant: Beekeepers Society Rogatec

Description: The aim of the project is to carry out additional activities of the society celebrating its 110 years of existence, take part at various events in the area and raise the identity of the society to motivate younger generations to become beekeepers and preserve beekeepers in Rogatec. Beekeeping has a very long tradition in Slovenia. Apiaries are a typical part of Slovene farm architecture and still today add a lot to cultural identity of the Slovene countryside. Bee products are completely natural, direct gift from the nature – the bees. Bees pollinate the plants which enables preservation of equilibrium in the nature and existence of many animal and plant species as well as humans. Bees also give us healthy products which help us protect our health in the fast and stressful world we live in today. All of this makes the work of beekeepers very important.


  • Marking of Cycling and Hiking Paths in the Podčetrtek Municipality

Project applicant: Tourism Podčetrtek, Economic Interest Group

Description: Cycling and hiking paths in the Podčetrtek area are well prepared but they still lack proper marking of all locations and directions to enable visitors easy orientation and great experience. There are some markings on the forest paths, however, they are not unified, some are torn and partly destroyed and they are in need of renovation.

This project will be another step towards providing visitors what they want and ask for.