Joint value of implemented projects 94,635.00 EUR (VAT included), received LEADER funds 73,500.00 EUR, other funds 21,135.00 EUR.


  • Biking in Obsotelje and Kozjansko

Project applicant: Development Agency Sotla

Description: Obsotelje and Kozjansko offers possibilities to stimulate biking: interesting scenery, rich natural and cultural heritage, many forest and field roads, good climate etc. During the project there were motivational workshops for tourist providers (tourist farms, restaurant owners, hotel managers, apartment renters) to acquire the status of a biker friendly place. Created were a database of biking routes and a map of biking routes in the area.


  • With knowledge to better tourism offer in the countryside

Project applicant: Adult Education Centre Rogaška Slatina

Description: The entire area is very much oriented towards tourism therefore the aim of the project was to raise the level of education of the rural population, primarily of those individuals that work in the tourism or are about to start. Educational workshops that were carried out through the project: foreign languages (English, German, Russian, Italian), marketing and promotion, successful selling through the Internet and e-mail, successful communication with visitors and customers.